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How to Work with Anita…

To inquire about working with Anita personally, fill out this brief form by clicking here

Small business owners and entrepreneurs choose to work with Anita because she is not just a “one trick pony” or just a “consultant”. She really takes the time to educate them with information they can implement immediately. Information that gives them the technology edge their business needs in order to compete today online.


How does this process work?

After contacting our office and discussing your needs, Anita will conduct a live webinar with you or someone on your staff. She will take you through a step by step tutorial on how to proceed with your online needs. This is a great time to ask questions and really get into the nuts and bolts. The best part about all of this is that there is no need for you to worry about taking notes or having everything written down. After you complete the session she will send you a copy of the webinar so you can have it to review for as long as you need it! This takes the edge off of trying to learn everything as you go through the steps.

What happens if I still need further assistance with my business needs

Although the coaching sessions are meant to meet every need you have for a particular subject matter sometimes you may still need more clarity or information. If it’s clarity you need please send us an email and we will get the information you need to you ASAP! If you are wanting to continue further in the process of your business online needs and social media platforms, please click here and we will contact you to discuss your needs and set up an appointment for another session.

What if I am not ready to fully commit to a consulting session but have initial questions to see what I need for my business?

If you know there is something missing but you just don’t know what it may be feel free to fill out this form to request a free 15 minute consultation. Someone will contact you and set up a time to discuss your needs. This is a one time service provided to your business.